1. Name
The club shall be called Arnold House School '42 Club ("the Club") and shall consist of former pupils of Arnold House School, St John's Wood, London NW8 ("the School").
2. Objects
The object and purpose of the Club shall be to foster union and good fellowship among former pupils of the School, to hold an Annual Dinner, to arrange such other activities as the committee may deem appropriate from time to time and to further the interests and prosperity of the School.
3. Membership
The Club may consist of an unlimited number of former pupils of the School. Any former members of the staff of the School shall be eligible to be elected as honorary members by the committee and any such appointments shall be reported at the annual general meeting.
4. Management
4.1 The club shall be managed by a committee of not more than 12 members all of whom must have been pupils of the School and at least 18 years old. The committee shall appoint from amongst its members a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and such other officers as the committee may at its discretion deem appropriate from time to time.
4.2 The committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting in each year, and, subject to termination of office by resignation, removal or otherwise, the members of the committee shall remain in office until their successors shall be elected at the annual or a special general meeting.
4.3 The committee may fill any casual vacancy that occurs.
4.4 Retiring members of the committee may be re-elected.
5. Subscriptions and Finance
5.1 Subscriptions shall be collected in advance of election to membership from parents of current pupils of the School who wish to become members and shall be of such amount as the committee shall from time to time decide.
5.2 All members shall be life members and notwithstanding rule 5.1 the committee may at its discretion from time to time prior to 30 June in any year levy annual subscriptions of such amounts as at its discretion it shall decide.
5.3 Club moneys shall be kept in a non interest bearing account with the Club's bank and no committee member shall be liable for any loss occasioned thereby unless such loss shall have arisen as a result of a fraudulent act of the committee or any member thereof.
5.4 Payments from the bank account require authorisation by, or the knowledge of, two members of the committee. Accordingly when a payment is authorised by one member, he must inform another member (who cannot be the recipient of the payment) in writing or via email within 24 hours.
5.5 The treasurer will bring the previous year's bank statements to the annual general meeting for inspection by any other committee member who wishes.
6. Withdrawal of membership
When an annual subscription shall be levied by the committee, the member who fails to pay the subscription before 30 September in any year and who neglects to comply with a written request for payment within thirty days after it shall have been sent to such member shall cease to be a member on 31 December in that year unless a reason, satisfactory to the committee, shall be given for the delay.
7. Application for membership
7.1 Every pupil attending the School shall be entitled to be a candidate for membership.
7.2 Election to membership shall be automatic on leaving the School provided that the candidate's subscriptions shall have been paid during the time that the candidate was a pupil of the School.
7.3 Election as a member of a former pupil of the School whose subscriptions were not paid whilst attending the School shall be automatic on the payment to the Club by that former pupil of £100 (or such other sum as the committee shall decide).
7.4 It shall be the duty of every member to keep the Secretary informed of the member's current address and to uphold the rules of the Club.
8. Resignation
A member wishing to withdraw from the Club must give notice in writing to the secretary on or before 30 September in any year, otherwise the subscription for the ensuing year must be paid if one shall have been levied.
9. Expulsion
9.1 The committee may expel any member who offends against the rules of the Club or whose conduct, in the opinion of the committee, renders such member unfit for membership of the Club.
9.2 Before any such member is expelled, the secretary shall give such member not less than thirty days' written notice to attend a meeting of the committee and must inform such member of the complaints made against such member.
9.3 No member may be expelled unless such member shall first have had an opportunity to appear before the committee and answer complaints made against such member and at least two-thirds of the committee then present vote in favour of such member's expulsion.
9.4 No member whose membership has been terminated under this rule or who owes money to the Club may attend any Club functions.
10. Alteration of rules
The committee may alter the rules, but no alteration shall take effect until it shall have been confirmed at the next annual general meeting or a special general meeting convened for the purpose.
11. Byelaws
11.1 The committee may make byelaws (not inconsistent with these rules) to regulate the conduct and affairs of the Club.
11.2 The byelaws must be posted on the Club's website and are binding on all the members.
12. General meetings
12.1 A general meeting of the Club must be held in every calendar year not later than 1st November or such other date as the committee may in its absolute discretion decide and shall:
12.1.1 receive and, if approved, adopt a statement of the club's accounts to the end of the preceding year;
12.1.2 consider and, if approved, sanction any duly made alteration of the rules;
12.1.3 elect the members of the committee; and
12.1.4 deal with any special matter which the committee desires to bring before the members and receive suggestions from the members for consideration by the committee.
12.2 Notice convening a general meeting shall be published on the Club's website not less than 10 days before the meeting and shall specify the matters to be dealt with thereat.
12.3 Only members who are at least 18 years old may attend and vote at general meetings of the Club.
13. Special general meetings
13.1 A special general meeting may be convened at any time by the committee and must be convened within 21 days from receipt of a requisition in writing signed by not less than six members specifying the object of the meeting.
13.2 A special general meeting may be convened:
13.2.1 to consider and, if approved, sanction any duly made alteration of the rules;
13.2.2 to deal with any special matter which the committee wishes to place before the members;
13.2.3 to remove any member or members of the committee from office and to fill any vacancy or vacancies caused by the removal or
13.2.4 to deal with any special matter which the members requisitioning the meeting wish to place before the Club.
13.3 Notice convening a special general meeting must be published on the Club's website not less than 10 days before the meeting and must specify the matters to be dealt with.
14. Publication of Notices
Notices convening general and/or special meetings of the Club shall be deemed to have been sufficiently given to the members if published on the Club's website from time to time at least ten days prior to the meeting.
15. Chairman's casting vote
At committee meetings and at general meetings a chairman must be elected to preside, and the chairman may have a casting or additional vote in the event of an equality of votes.
16. Quorums
16.1 The following numbers are required to form a quorum:
16.1.1 at committee meetings (except for the purposes of rule 9), three;
16.1.2 at committee meetings for the purposes of rule 9, half the total members of the committee, and
16.1.3 at general meetings, four.
17. Year End
17.1 The Club's financial year shall end on the 31 July in each year and annual accounts shall be made up to that date each year.
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