At a celebratory lunch held in 1956 to mark the occasion of the school's golden jubilee, the idea was floated for the forming of an old boys' association. This was encouraged by George Smart, the then owner and headmaster of the school, and a small committee was created for the purpose.

What resulted was the '42 Club, formed to enable old boys to attend social gatherings and maintain contact with other old boys and with the school and its staff. It was felt at the time that the membership would essentially comprise pupils who had been at the school since its return to London in 1942 ‐ hence the name by which the Club has always been known.

The Club has held an annual dinner since its foundation in 1957. Various other social and sporting events have been arranged, both at the school and elsewhere. In addition the Club has made presentations to the school and more recently has provided prizes gifts and ties to boys on their leaving.

Upon payment of the subscription, life membership of the Club is automatic on leaving the school but attendance at dinners is restricted to those who are 18 or over and have left school.

The Club is run by a committee which tries to encourage involvement in all its activities and is always keen to recruit young blood.

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